Web Applications

Dynamic Web Sites

We have been involved in developing web applications since 1995. At that time we concentrated, and we still do, on financial business applications, mostly for in-house use. Our game site for bridge players playBridge , a side project, was selected Yahoo's Daily Pick in 1996. Back then sites with dynamic content were a rarity.

Online Data Acquisition, Bots and Spiders

Today, besides building dynamic web applications we specialize in internet data acquisition, development of spiders and robots, automation of web interfaces.

The internet is way bigger and richer than what we can see through the window of a best browser. Using properly written programs like spiders and robots allows to take full advantage of the vast resources available on the Web. There is no need to let the browser to limit your online experience - especially when you can easily automate online tasks to suit your individual preferences and your business needs.

With the webbots and spiders we write you can do all this and more:
  • Programmatically download entire web sites
  • Effectively parse data from web pages
  • Track online prices
  • Aggregate different data sources into a single web page
  • Automate form submission
  • Send SMS alerts to your phone
  • Automatically bid in online auctions
We only write spiders and robots that respect website owner property rights.

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